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Preserve Fair Wages for Your Neighbors

PPG, the paint products giant worth billions, wants to be the Uber of the painting industry with its new PPG Services platform – which threatens to drive down wages and reduce quality, resulting in worker exploitation. 

The platform is undercutting working people and their families with predatory pricing that makes it nearly impossible for workers to be paid a fair wage or be provided adequate health and retirement benefits. PPG Services refuses to require contractors to pay area standards or prevailing wages as determined by the government. The company model depends on vulnerable, low-wage painters risking their health and safety as PPG rakes in billions.

These workers are your neighbors, friends, and family. Support them by refusing to buy PPG products until they guarantee painters working for PPG Services will receive a living wage earned by IUPAT members. Until they do, buy paint products from other responsible manufacturers who aren’t undercutting working families.

 As the largest professional painting organization in North America, the IUPAT is calling for a national boycott of PPG to draw attention to our serious concerns with PPG Services.


PPG Products to Boycott:

Five Things to Know:

PPG Services is a new bid from PPG to enter the labor procurement business. PPG Services acts as solely a matchmaker linking painters and businesses with paint needs.  However, it sets prices at levels that make it virtually impossible for the workers doing the actual painting to earn a fair wage.

PPG Services could force painting contractors to cut corners to earn a profit on PPG Services jobs.  That creates a strong incentive to lower wages, safety standards, environmental protection and quality.

In recent years, this model has posed a growing threat to fair labor standards.  A Federal Reserve study found that 58% of gig workers are considered “financially fragile.” This hurts workers, but it also threatens the financial stability of our communities as a whole.

Just like Walmart undercut small businesses in communities across our country by flooding the market with underpriced merchandise, forcing family-owned companies out of business and stifling workers’ wages, PPG Services threatens to lower labor standards across the industry, communities, and workers.

When we stand together as a community, we keep PPG Services from bringing the gig economy to the painting industry. When we speak out in one unified voice, we protect painters and all workers from exploitation.  Stand with us – sign up to be informed.